Co-Engage is a cross sectoral project addressing the intersection of the key competences of Lifelong Learning through its methodology and partnership. By exploring the diversity of approaches of co-creation such as entrepreneurship-building, active citizenship, environmental quality, social inclusion, digital literacy, local policies, formal and non formal education, etc., our project will contribute to the development of educational methods teaching new skills leading to social innovation.

Co-Engage project is willing to exploit co-creation processes for turning citizens to be innovators. By supporting people to discover and develop their capacities of critical thinking and constructive participation in any issue related to their personal and professional lives, our consortium will contribute to the mobilization of citizens and to the co-creation of skills and methods leading to a more active European citizenship.

Co-Engage will create innovative synergies and approaches and permit to build bridges between for profit and non-profit economic sectors, public and private actions, formal and non-formal education, research and practice. An intensive exchange of experiences and good practices and the co-creation of a state of art smart curricula will help adult educators to improve their competences and skills by learning from the other sectors. Further, adopting and using co-creation will provide them a new potential approach for assessing learning needs and outcomes and monitoring teaching processes.

Co-Engage will contribute to a more equal access to knowledge by providing a new approach of participative learning, permitting to cross cutting skills and competences coming from different sectors and by offering new learning opportunities for groups in need of new skills necessary in the digital era. Co-Engage regards teaching and learning as a continuous process and intends to have a potential impact on all citizens, independently of their age, gender, ethnic or any other belongings. Our partnership will thus contribute to an inclusive education, embedded in lifelong learning processes, enabling all learners to be involved with.