The massive pandemic of COVID-19 virus in VMU AJMD “MODUSAS”

The massive pandemic of COVID-19 virus has also reached our non – profit organization VMU AJMD “MODUSAS”. It was as unexpected as for everyone in the Lithuania. All public places have been closed including our main meeting spot – university.  We had no other choice but to cancel our events such as “The Great Vileika battle”, shift the dates of the projects’ activities and other events we organize were we experience face to face co creations. I am not going to lie we had week of break down were each member of our organization had to get their mind up.

It was necessarily to switch from hands-on learning to digital platforms and online campaigns, storytelling, challenges on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Let me show you few examples how we are handling it.

On international Earth day (March 20th) we created a challenge were people were invited to share their favorite picture of nature and write a short description why it is so.

21st of March is the international day of Down syndrome.  On this occasion, we invited everyone to change socks to a different color to express their support for people with Down syndrome and a motto of this event was “Rock your socks”. (The shape of the sock is like chromosomes, and Down syndrome is caused by trisomy on chromosome 21.). You can see our digital co-creation in the picture below!

The next day we ran a campaign to celebrate international #worldwaterday. Here we presented a short storytelling about importance of water in our life and introduced few facts related to it.

On the 28th of March our organization promoted an international event “Earth hour” with a motto “Connect2Earth”. We invited people to join massive co -engagement were people had to shut all the lightening down in their house for an hour.

One more amazing example about how our organization remained “active” is then we joined a massive challenge where we invited people to stay at their homestays. VMU MODUSAS’s chosen reason to #stayhome was to see our favorite and lovely administrator Laima.

In conclusion, from face to face experience we had to focus more on digital area where we are trying to reach people to co engage threw social media.


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