Co-Engage project meeting in Bologna

The third transnational meeting of our Co-Engage project took place in Bologna on May 16th and 17th, 2019 hosted by the Italian partner School Raising. The main goal was to collect two good practices’ case study about co-engagement for each partner. Secondary, we had to check together the progress of the work we did in our previous meeting in Portugal and to plan our next steps.

The first day we worked together at Le Serre, a coworking space obtained by the abandoned former municipal greenhouse thanks to Kilowatt, who regenerated that area. Kilowatt has also been the first case study School Raising presented to their European partners as a successful example of inclusion, community-centered design and, of course, urban regeneration. You can find more information about Kilowatt here.

During this first part of our meeting, each partner presented to the other ones two examples of good practices so, at the end of the workday, we gathered fourteen case studies.
Before leaving Le Serre we had a look at our next steps, building our agenda through the Scrum Methodology, which allowed us to allocate priority and timeslot to the activities we had to work on.

After leaving Le Serre we met Archilabò, a social cooperative with a strong female component, whose main work is to investigate and support schools in developing different ways and methods to do education.
Then, finally, we had our dinner together.

The second day has been fully dedicated to meet stakeholders and to find out new good practices realized by other companies based in Bologna. We met: Dynamo Velostation, a small local community project here to help you out discovering the city through cycling, Camilla Cooperative, a self-managed emporium where its members could buy high-quality goods directly from producers, Fondazione Innovazione Urbana, an open lab – supported by the municipality and the University of Bologna – where to study, analyze and co-design the urban transformations into the city, and Baumhaus, a cultural network which use to work on suburbs, young people and minorities in general.

It was a nice way to discover the city while taking inspirations by different realities closed to our values and working on our similar goals.

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