Co-Engage project meeting Liverpool

Back in September People’s Voice Media came together with representatives from Co-Engage to discuss project progress and share ideas on co-creation. The meeting took place in The Quaker Meeting House in Liverpool and proved to be a productive couple of days in terms of developing the project.

Representatives from project partners School Raising, Modusas, CRN, Future Fashion Forward, Ipso Facto, FYA, Miastro Jest Nasze ‘The City Is Ours’, FAJDP, Echappee des coproprietes and Education for Democracy in Education were present and collaborated in sharing methods of practise, which helped formed a large part of the meeting. Stakeholders from Stockport council and Manchester Access Project also came and presented the framework for the projects they have been working on.

After reviewing logistics and updating the team on aspects of project management, we discussed impact measurement and the importance of authentic collaboration with members of the community. The stakeholder practice presentations shone a light on the work being carried out by organizations of varying sizes here in the UK. With Stockport council providing insight into governmental bodies and MAP reflecting smaller grassroots organizations. Leading on from this, the speed sharing practice activity contextualized the projects currently being delivered by Co-Engage partners and it was great to hear about the diverse methods being used to engage communities.

The team also discussed the planning of a series of Co-creation labs, highlighting the importance of listening to and sharing authentic stories in the process.

After a brief discussion about the looming Brexit decision and it’s effects on project logistics, team Co-Engage makes a start on planning for the upcoming meeting in Toulouse, which is set to take place next year. The second day came to a close with an Apple digital storytelling workshop, which saw us explore video editing techniques with Eurospectives, another European project PVM are currently working on, and gave us the chance to be tourists and explore the Docks on a photo walk.

In summary, the meeting proved to be a productive couple of days, packed with discussion and the sharing of co-creation practices. It was great to catch up with the team and get a better view of the current stage of Co-Engage.

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